Everyday Things in Your Life That Your Credit Score Can Affect

It’s pretty common knowledge that your credit score will affect your ability to get a loan, but there are some everyday living factors that your credit score can affect too.  For instance:

Insurance rates: Believe it or not, the amount of insurance you pay can be directly tied to your credit score. Great score equals lower rates while poor score equals higher rates. Every state doesn’t allow this, however.

Approval for an apartment: Is there an area you’ve been wanting to move to for a while? Well, many apartments use your credit as a means for adding stipulations to your application.  Poor credit may equal higher deposit or monthly payment in general just to offset any “risk”.

Utilities: Once you move into your new place, your score can make it difficult to have your utilities turned on. A bad credit score could mean you have to pay a huge deposit to turn on those necessities like lights, water, and gas.

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